ADOTG training is individually customised to meet the safety and security needs of people travelling or working in danger zones; or for people whom the threat of violence – for one reason or another – is a very real possibility.

This includes Journalists, Film Crews, Musicians, Artists, Diplomatic Personnel, Rehabilitation Contractors, Aid Workers, Athletes, Sports Personnel etc.

When people are about to travel to a danger zone they often factor in government warnings and news reports. Others will consider crime rates and statistics.

Only a pro-active few have the foresight to include preparation and training for a worst-case scenario: a possible life and death encounter.

These are the people who engage in our ADOTG training.

ADOTG training is designed for those people who have a life on the road - and who want to keep that life.

Our training will not give you a cultural or sociological background on your intended destination - you’ll have to go somewhere else for that - our total focus and dedicated commitment, is to keep you safe from physical harm.

ADOTG is unarmed combat training; using only your body or objects in your immediate environment. It is designed solely (in a worst-case scenario) to save your life or the life of someone close to you.

Confidentiality for each of our clients is ensured by SDVMA signing a legally binding agreement.

Our ADOTG training safety record is unblemished and your safety is our prime concern at all times.

The ADOTG training program is facilitated by our most senior and experienced personnel, (female or male) each of whom have over 30 years experience in successfully dealing with violence and training people on how to keep safe under extreme conditions.

This program can be taught one-on-one, or for a group of up to 16 people.


ADOTG training key objectives are to provide rapid skills development in: fear management, awareness (self/other/situational) and risk assessment. As well as providing a powerful component of unarmed, physical self-protection strategies, tactics and skills; to deal with possible, and actual, attacks and life threatening situations.


Some expected outcomes for the client include:

  • Techniques to empower self both physically and psychologically
  • Threat assessment strategies (ability to recognise and analyse dangerous and/or escalating situations)
  • Skills to help you understand both fear and anger and how to control and channel those emotions
  • Enhanced quality of life through fear reduction and anger management
  • Increased sense of personal security
  • Ability to utilise effective crisis management skills
  • A range of pro-active personal safety strategies and skills for public and personal situations
  • An arsenal of simple, yet physically powerful, unarmed skills and techniques
  • Minimization of negative ‘during and after’ effects should a violent incident ever happen
  • Sense of comfort and security from knowledge and ability to defend oneself should a violent incident ever occur


Our ADOTG program consists of twenty (20) hours training time, and is usually delivered in the format of two hours per day, for ten consecutive days; OR, as an intensive 3 day training program - ANYWHERE ON THE PLANET.

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