CTRP - Close Threat Removal Program


CTRP training is individually customised to meet the safety and security needs of people with high-risk careers or high-profile lifestyles.

Our CTRP is extremely exclusive and confidential; and is provided only to select individuals.

Previous clients have included; people in the entertainment industry, media personnel, CEO’s and politicians.

CTRP is unarmed combat training. Using only your body or objects in your immediate environment, designed solely (in the worst-case scenario) to save your life or the life of someone you care for.

CTRP training is always delivered by either of the two SDVMA co-founders (usually Suzanne Daley personally) and is strictly one-on-one.

SDVMA also provides one of our senior male instructors as a training partner for the client. This extra support during CTRP training ensures maximum learning absorption and retention via a safe and proactive environment.

Our CTRP training safety record is unblemished.

CTRP confidentiality for the client is ensured by SDVMA signing a legally binding agreement.


CTRP training key objectives are to provide rapid skills development and education in: fear management, awareness (self/other/situational), risk assessment, and unarmed, physical self-protection strategies, tactics and skills, to deal with possible attacks and life threatening situations.


Some expected outcomes for the client include:

  • Knowledge of vital strategies and exercises to empower you both physically and psychologically
  • Pro-active, insightful and deeply embedded skills to help you understand fear/anger and how to control and channel those emotions
  • Fear reduction
  • Enhanced quality of life through fear reduction
  • Increased sense of personal security
  • Increase in confidence
  • Ability to utilise effective crisis management skills
  • A range of pro-active personal safety strategies and skills for: public appearances, travel, driving, home, and life in general
  • An arsenal of simple, yet physically powerful, unarmed skills and techniques
  • Minimization of any negative ‘during and after’ effects should a violent incident ever happen
  • Sense of comfort from knowledge and ability to defend oneself or one’s loved ones, should a violent incident ever occur


Our CTRP consists of twenty (20) hours training time, and is usually delivered in the format of two hours per day, for ten consecutive days; ANYWHERE ON THE PLANET.

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