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“Genetically modified food is solely about higher corporate profits by controlling what farmers grow while removing consumer choice. Let’s fight back!” Peter Cundall.

For subscribers there is a monthly print magazine, the New Internationalist. It sets out to explain and inform, giving readers the essentials of a subject in a concise, easy-to-read full-colour format with excellent photos and graphics. In each issue New Internationalist editors select a subject of vital interest. It could be Human Rights, Hunger, Fair Trade or Globalization. The magazine takes the subject apart, examines the issues and then reconstructs it to give you a coherent picture. You come away with a clear grasp of an important topic.

Then you’re in for a treat. You’ll find a surprising range of items, from books and magazines to organic cotton clothing. Binding it all together is a global vision of a better world for the next generation; a world where basic needs are met and human rights are respected. If you subscribe too you’ll find that’s also the essence of the New Internationalist magazine.

Every dollar you donate to WSPA breaks down like this:

  • 81% spent directly on animal welfare and care
  • 16% spent on fundraising and marketing
  • 3% spent on administration