I am waiting for

For me to be more ...... I am waiting  for .....

  1. Inspiration
  2. Permission
  3. Reassurance
  4. The coffee to be ready
  5. My turn
  6. Someone to smooth the way
  7. The rest of the rules
  8. Someone to change
  9. Revenge
  10. The stakes to be lower
  11. More time
  12. A significant relationship
  13. An obvious scapegoat
  14. The kids to leave home
  15. The stakes to be higher
  16. My youth to return
  17. Tomorrow
  18. Jacks or better
  19. A more favourable horoscope
  20. My way to be clear
  21. An absence of risk
  22. Someone to discover me
  23. The statute of limitations to run out
  24. A better time
  25. The things I do not understand or approve of to go away
  26. Wars to end
  27. My love to rekindle
  28. My ego to improve
  29. A signal from heaven
  30. Various aches and pains to subside
  31. The next time around
  32. You to stand out of my light
  33. My ship to come in
  34. My doctor’s approval, my father’s permission, my minister’s blessing, or my lawyer’s ok
  35. My grandfather’s estate to be settled
  36. You to go first

By David B. Campbell (an abridged version)