SDVMA (Suzanne Daley’s Violence Minimization Alliance Incorporated) is a non-profit, non-government, self-funded organisation that was set up in 1984.

At that time our focus was on working with the people who were most vulnerable to aggression and violence. For example: women, youth, children, people who were traumatised from previous violence (making them more susceptible to future violence) and people targeted for hate crimes.

Within five years SDVMA was designing highly customised programs in violence prevention not only for the above groups, but also for groups as diverse as: police, security, sex industry workers, at risk government departments, specialised corporations, the health sector, religious orders, refugees, and the entertainment industry.

For more than two decades SDVMA staff have worked with people from all manner of cultures, ethnicities, lifestyles, mindsets, and backgrounds; who have had a range of special needs because of previous harm, current threat, ‘unusual’ life experience, or professional risk.

We have studied violence and researched, written, consulted and lectured on its causes. We understand the theoretical side of violence and the practical side; ‘the street’, the people who work it, and the aggression that is part of human nature.

As a wholistic organization, we believe that all of our programs complement each other. We believe that teaching people wellbeing and personal empowerment works hand-in-hand with violence prevention. And we believe that unless a person has self-awareness and a strong sense of equilibrium, they will constantly be in conflict with all that is different and challenging in the world.

We are deeply committed to what we do. Even more passionate now about violence prevention, conflict resolution and wholistic health than when we started in 1984.

And totally of the belief, that every person – and every group - given the chance to learn effective conflict management, personal balance and self empowerment skills, has a greater quality of life, becomes a role model to those around them, and if nothing else other than by example, starts making this a more peaceful and just world for all it’s inhabitants.