Our Retreats are a minimum of two days and a maximum of five. They can be live-in, or daily attendance.

The venue changes now and then, but it’s always a quiet, green, natural environment with an abundance of clean air and trees. The water is filtered and pure; the food is vegetarian, and where possible, organic.

All of this is not only so that you can learn how to think, act and live with more confidence and vitality, but also so that you can cleanse, revitalize and recharge your batteries on a variety of levels – everything’s connected.

During our Retreats, participants are engaged in various training activities, all of which have been specifically designed to make each person feel stronger, fitter, healthier, more confident, more connected, more aware, more balanced, and more able to look after themselves – as individuals, or as a team.

We design our Retreats so that every person who attends, leaves with both a greater knowledge of self and more skilled in the management of life's challenges.

Without exception, participants leave feeling invigorated, empowered and reconnected.

As a result, many people over the years have said that their SDVMA Retreat experience was, "...the best time of my life!"

Our Retreats usually mean stepping down a path a little off the normal beaten track, but we believe that that is exactly how you achieve growth - and have fun in life!

For Individuals:

SDVMA conducts bi-annual Retreats, alternating between these two areas:

Either of these Retreats are open to any woman from the general public and are for Women only.

For more information on either of the two Retreats above, please contact us

For Groups:

SDVMA also conducts Retreats for Private Groups.

These can be conducted for Women only, Men only, or mixed gender groups.

Corporate, Government or Community groups can choose any of our specific Retreat themes for a thorough understanding of that topic, or they can even ‘mix ‘n match’ to get an introduction into a variety of areas.

Private Group Retreats can be conducted at any time, 24/7, 365 days of the year.

Our most popular Private Group Retreats are:

For more information on any of our Private Group Retreats, please contact us