Stress Management


This training is designed for corporate, government and private groups who have an interest in dealing positively with workplace stressors and stress. It is for those groups who wish to improve their state of professional performance and productivity – at both individual and organisational levels. 


The key objectives of this program are to:

  • Increase the overall wellbeing and vitality of staff
  • Enhance personal and professional harmony; for the individual and the team
  • Develop individual and organisational early intervention strategies to deal with stressors and stress
  • Minimise downtime and associated costs due to workplace stress
  • Maximise workplace morale and productivity


Some expected outcomes for participants would include:

  • An enhanced understanding of what it means to be a professional in their work environment generally, and when facing stress or health issues specifically
  • The ability to identify workplace and general life stressors and their effects
  • Development of workplace and lifestyle strategies to calm themselves when facing stressful situations
  • Development of sustainable strategies to deal with stress so as to improve personal life enjoyment and workplace productivity (a happy worker is a more productive worker)


Two-day (12 hours) training program

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