Suzanne brings to her work a blend of experience, personal commitment, and sensitivity to individual issues. I firmly believe these attributes stand her out as a practitioner and teacher. Suzanne Daley is quite clearly a very special talent and leader in the field of personal development and personal safety.
Greg Bourke, Senior Community Safety Officer, Brisbane City Council

Your extensive knowledge and skill were evident to all, but what was most commented on was the remarkable way you were able to enthuse and inspire all participants.
Muffy Hand, Federated Teachers’ Union of Victoria

Suzanne’s training should be mandatory for all workers in domestic violence and welfare or who deal with potentially aggressive or violent clients.
Rollar Sowaid, Australian Arabic Community Welfare Centre

After the first day I drank water, I went for a jog, I only smoked half a packet of cigarettes. Whereas normally I drink a beer, I fall into the chair, smoke while I’m eating and fall to sleep a little while later. The second day of the program, during lunch break I went out, sat on the ground, looked at the river and spontaneously began to laugh. I think that says it all!!!
Inspector Peggy De Gruyter, Antwerp Police, Belgium

I would recommend this training to everyone who works in any capacity with the general public. It hasn’t just helped me to deal with conflict and aggression at work, but it has made me look at myself and the way I deal with life. I will never again look at anything and feel that I don’t have options. You have given me a new life perspective.  
Janine Last, Housing Benefits Manager, Suffolk, England

I will try to no longer have my “all the information is on the wall, can’t you read” attitude. This will greatly improve my work rate and everything on the home front.
Peter Law, Travel Train Consultant, Queensland Rail

I feel more confident in my abilities to do what is right for me at the time. I have been inspired, I feel relaxed, I feel part of something special. I am surprised I could gain so much in so little time.
Tracy Lowe, Customer Service Officer, Griffith University

I have nothing but praise for SDVMA’s techniques in getting us to overcome our conditioned fears. The self defence course provided me with a great insight into how powerful a person can become, both physically and psychologically.
Melissa McFarland, Personnel Officer, IOOF

You’ve given me peace within.
Damien, Indigenous Young Fathers Group, Queensland

I have been involved with two deaths in this company, and was nearly over the edge. This course has taught me to live life and be happy again.
Name/company withheld

I appreciated the holistic approach taken, rather than the usual clinical approach. This program helps people to become more aware of breaking down the barriers and allows them to make a better choice when faced with conflict.
Noel McIntyre, Workplace Health & Safety Coordinator, Townsville City Council

I have learnt from this program how to deal with the causes of stress and conflict – not just complain about them. To strive for the positives from what happens in life instead of focusing on the negatives. To be kind to myself and others. This is quite simply the MOST effective training I have done in 21 years with QR.
Tony Scriven, Travel Consultant, Queensland Rail

I’m speechless! I am glad I broke the routine and found the time to attend. You have made me think of so many small improvements, as well as larger ones, that I/we can make, to make work, and life, work better. Don’t change a thing.
David Harold, Manager Environmental Health, Ipswich Borough Council, England

I have learnt and retained more from this program than from hundreds of hours spent on other training over the past ten years.
Bob Latham, Health Department, Townsville City Council